Sermon Series

The Way of Life

What turned Christianity from a persecuted minority religion to completely transforming the Roman World in just three centuries?  It is the same thing that will impact your neighbors, coworkers and family members for God today.  It wasn’t what the Christians said; it was the way that they lived.  It was the joyful, hopeful and patient …

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Sermon Series: Joy

Joy is a definitive characteristic of new life with Jesus.  Yet, exceeding or abundant joy escapes many believers.  Because of past sin, resentment or harm, our brains have literally been “rewired” to keep joy out.  However, God’s life-renewal project with us has only just begun.  God wants to bring abundant joy into your life through …

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The Presence-Centered Life

You’ve heard about the Purpose-Driven life, but do you know about the Presence-Centered life?  The purpose-driven life can sometimes be centered on self.  The Presence-Centered life is always fixed on Jesus.  The purpose-driven life results in striving, whereas the Presence-Centered life enjoys God’s rest.  Join us for this new series of conversations as we explore …

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