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"I Will Praise Your Name for Ever and Ever "
- Psalm 145:1

Join an Ekklesia

An ekklesia is a small gathering where you can connect with others, grow in your faith, and serve your community

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The Way of Life

What turned Christianity from a persecuted minority religion to completely transforming the Roman World in just three centuries?  It is

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Heaven’s Joy

What brings Joy to heaven?  And is Heaven’s Joy our Joy too?  Jesus’s parables in Luke 15 will tell us.

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Joy in Hardships

What does Paul’s boat ride to Rome teach us about life in God’s Kingdom?  It teaches us that Joy comes

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Joy in the Kingdom

Joy is an essential aspect of life in Christ’s kingdom.  May Jesus’s kingdom come, may his will be done on

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Sermon Series: Joy

Joy is a definitive characteristic of new life with Jesus.  Yet, exceeding or abundant joy escapes many believers.  Because of

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Of course Sloth would be last in our series called the 7 Deadly Sins.  But find out how even how

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What do Pastor Andy’s shiny rims on his truck tell us about greed?  Listen here to find out.   Listen

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Pride is the fountainhead of all sin.  What is exactly pride, and what’s the difference between good pride and bad

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What’s the difference between jealousy and envy?  Listen in here to Jenny Fitzgerald’s experience with envy to find out.  

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Is America a food-obsessed culture or a sex-obsessed one?  When the Pastor Andy asked the members of The Bridge that

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Gluttony is not just about over-eating.  Gluttony is about trusting to use food (or any other pleasure) as a substitute

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Sunday Brunch

Before each Sunday worship service, The Bridge starts with a short brunch together.  Eating together is a way we build

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Adopt Your Street

You can change the spiritual climate of your neighborhood and street.  The Adopt Your Street initiative is a simple yet powerful

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Heaven’s King

What’s the greatest gift that has come down from heaven to earth?  We get heaven’s king through faith in Jesus

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