“Family Sundays” at The Bridge

On the fourth Sunday of every month The Bridge celebrates “Family Sunday”.  During Family Sundays kids and adults worship together for the entire hour.  Research has shown that children who worship with their parents are more likely to continue in their faith when they become adults than those children who learned separate from their parents.  Kids grow more when they see their parents worship God and participate along with them.

Therefore,  we have especially designed our forth Sundays for kids and adults to worship, learn and enjoy God together.  Kids sing and share along with the parents.  Kids will hear a Sunday message that is applicable for both them and their parents.  Kids are given markers, crayons, and large sheets of paper where they are encouraged to draw pictures of what they are hearing or learning.  We also celebrate Communion together on forth Sundays.  Finally, after the service, the church enjoys a community potluck together.

Our fourth Sunday services help to build a strong community where everyone grows in the Lord together.