The Greatest of These: Pursuing a Life of Love

You may be familiar with 1 Corinthians 13:13 (“Now these three remain…  But the greatest of these is love.).  But do you know what the next verse says?  The next verse, found in I Corinthians 14:1, says, “Pursue love.”  After telling us that love is the greatest, God’s Word instructs us to pursue love–to go toward or chase after it.  What does it look like for you to “pursue love” in your life?  In this new series, you will be inspired to “pursue love” as you deepen connections, communicate effectively, and set healthy boundaries with those in your life.

Advent Series: Christmas Transformation

Christmas is a time of transformation.  During the Christmas season, we decorate our homes, light up our houses, and color our streets and public spaces.  But this is nothing compared to dramatic transformation when the Son of God was born into the world.  For this season of Advent, we will explore new dimensions of the story of Christmas to see how the presence of Jesus transforms our lives and the world.  Join us this Sunday for Christmas Transformation.

Stolen Identity: Reclaiming Your Destiny as a Child of God

What you believe about yourself is one of the most important things about you.  What you believe about yourself shapes how you feel, behave, live and hope.   When we look at our depression, anxiety, fear and anger, it often has to do with our inner beliefs about ourselves.  In this series, Stolen Identity, you will explore what it means to life into your new identity in Christ as a loved child of God.   Experience new freedom and purpose as you grow in your understanding of the Heavenly Father’s great love for you. Join us this Sunday.

Current Series: Transformation

Is it possible to transform your neighborhood, city or even nation by the power of God? The answer is–it is!  In Luke 10, Jesus sends out 72 of his followers on a mission.  They are to go to the surrounding neighborhoods and proclaim the good news about Jesus.  Upon their return, the 72 come back “with joy” because even the demons submitted them!  In this new series,  you’ll learn a 4-step process, based on Luke 10, on how you can impact your neighborhood for God’s kingdom, and even return “with joy”.

New Year’s Day Service–11 AM

Join us this Sunday for our New Year’s Day service.  Bring in the new year with worship, inspiration, energy and community.  There’s no better way to start off 2017 than in the presence of God and his power.  Join us at 11 AM at Frost School (530 Gettysburg Dr, San Jose, 95123.)

ZEPHANIAH: Preparing for ‘The Day of the Lord’

It is not often that you get to hear from the book of Zephaniah.  This Old Testament prophet and his message are often overlooked.  Yet Zephaniah’s message is essential to understanding our plan for the future.  In fact,  Zephaniah’s message is so important that Jesus himself talks about the coming ‘The Day of the Lord’.  What is “The Day of the Lord” and what impact will it have upon our world and life?  Come and explore this wonderful book with us, chapter by chapter, to see the God who rejoices “over you with singing (3:17).”

Colossians: Christ Is Enough

We live in a very spiritual age.  ‘Spiritual but not religious’ (SBNR) is a way many people describe themselves today.  But is Jesus one more religious teacher among many others?  If we consider ourselves Christ-followers, can we “add” other religions and philosphies to our faith and still be faithful Christians?  In the following new sermon series,  we explore the book of Colossians.  What we discover in Colossians will challenge our modern understanding of the person of Christ.  What we learn is that Christ is sufficient.  Moreover, Jesus’s sufficiency has signficant implications on how we live.  Join us for this special series called, Colossians:  Live In the Sufficiency of Christ.

Circle Church Series

Have you ever wondered what church was supposed to be?  Jesus’s grand vision of a thriving community of faith has often been reduced to a stale & predictable formal experience.  Shouldn’t knowing God be more?  Welcome to Circle Church.  Circle Church is a four-week series of lessons where we explore Jesus’s original design for his church–a dynamic circle of relationships with God intimately at the center.  Through Circle Church you will be inspired to be a part of a relational enterprise that is so life-changing, that not even “the gates of hell will prevail against it”.  Join us this Sunday for Circle Church.

Come, Holy Spirit

God is sending revival to the Bay Area.  Are you ready?  Spiritual revival is when God wakes up his people out of the doldrums of unbelief and gives them a refreshed encounter with himself through his Holy Spirit.  As theologian J.I. Packer observes, the Holy Spirit is the key to personal revival.   Through the series you will gain a greater awareness of God’s presence through his Spirit and a greater power for his love.

New Series: VISION 2012

What’s your vision for 2012?   Vision is the difference between life and death, between thriving and quitting. The Bible says that without vision “people perish” (Ps.29:18).  Join us for this ground-breaking series of conversations called Vision 2012. You’ll start off the New Year by entering into the vision to “Live into God”. Join us this Sunday at the Hayes Mansion for Vision 2012.