About Us

The Bridge Community is a network of house churches (or ekklesias) that seeks to live the life, teachings, and mission of Jesus Christ.  We are a diverse community of people stemming from various social, political, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.  The common faith that shapes our life together is the astounding mercy of God in sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem the world from sin and death.  The Bridge Community is welcoming to all who wish to explore a new life with Jesus.    

"The time is fulfilled, the kingdom of god is at hand."
- Mark 1:15


"The mission of The Bridge Community is to love God, love each other, and love the world."

ChiChi Baptism

Our Story

The Bridge Community started in Andy and Jenny Fitzgerald’s living room in San Jose, CA.  Along with fifteen others, they felt called to build a “bridge” to connect the diverse people of the Bay Area to God and each other.  They first held traditional worship services where they set up chairs, sang, Andy would speak, and hopefully, the church would grow.   But after a few years with this approach, they sensed the Holy Spirit leading them to do something very different.

Our Beliefs

Consistent with classical Christianity, The Bridge Community affirms as central to its life, faith, and practice a number of emphases.  Foremost among these are the following:


The following partners have helped us to further God’s mission to the world.

join or start an ekklesia?

If you are interested in joining or starting an ekklesia, let us know. We'd love to see you get connected in community.

Who we Are

An ekklesia is anywhere between 2-25 people (although we’ve found that 10-12 is ideal typically).  All ekklesias are open to newcomers, but experience tells us that newcomers most benefit from joining with other newcomers in forming a new group rather than join an existing one.  If you’d like to join or start an ekklesia, then let us know.  Here are some of our current ekklesias.  

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Sunday Morning Fire


Mimi's Cafe


Frost School

Evangeline Street



Leadership Team Ekklesia

Your Ekklesia Here

Love God, Love Each Other, and Love the World

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